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Phasera Ltd.




Dr. Paul Hendley is the director of Phasera Ltd. based near London, UK.  He retired from Syngenta Crop Protection Inc. in 2012 after a 37-year career in the Agricultural Chemical industry.  Since its formation in December 2012, Phasera Ltd. has laregely focused on work to develop novel probabilistic risk assessments for a class of insecticides for submission to US EPA.  However, additional projects have involvd projects with the ILSI RF CERA and CIMSANS programs working in the areas of  rtiaonlizing regulatory frameworks and identifying how dat asharing may benefit global food and nutirition security initiatives.


Phasera has also worked with European Food production clients in assessing possible approaches to using surface and ground water monitoring data as a higher tier in regulaotory frameworks. 


However, over the last 15 months, Phasera has been moving into photography with a considerable fraction of Dr. Hendley's energies invested in self-training and developing the skills necessary to create and post process images of the real workd and agriculture.  Dr. Hendley's  research background involved conducting field mesocosm studies, avian exposure, landscape level risk assessments, spatial analyses as well as very large surface and ground water monitoring programs, and this has generated a posibly unique record of images from his own and ex-colleagues private photographs.  As his training progresses and skills grow,  it is anticiapated that this site will become a source of collections of images decribing many of the studies that are conducted to support developing ever increasing understanding of the potential fate, transport and effects of agricultural chemicals and approaches used to mitigate their transport off-target (colelctively known as mitigation).


Until the site is fully populated, Phasera would be happy to receive enquiries from companies wishing to access images of agricultural and environmental field studies - here

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